Ever get into bed and find your dog there? Most women prefer it that way, according to a study published by Canisius College professors Christy L. Hoffman, Kaylee Stutz and Terrie Vasilopoulos, These professors believe that woman could actually have better sleep with dogs, because they give them "stronger feelings of comfort and security."

Here's how the numbers worked out, according to the study: "Fifty-five percent shared the bed with at least one dog and 31 percent shared the bed with at least one cat. Fifty-seven percent of women shared the bed with a human partner. Based on the percentages, there may have been overlap among those with human and pet sleep partners, but it is not made clear in the study."

The results are not conclusive, but also show that both cats and humans are equal in negatively effecting their partners sleep. Conversely, dogs seem to be less disruptive sleep partners compared to cats and humans, hence the sudden barking in the middle of the night.

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