A school nurse who spoke out against kids wearing masks, has been suspended from her job. Erin Pein told NJ101.5 that her children and other children in the Stafford school district are suffering from rashes, anxiety, headaches and stomach aches.  As I've stated before, what's more frightening than a new virus that in rare cases can be fatal, the governments' reaction to it, is much scarier.

From closing and restricting businesses to suppressing views that oppose the authorized opinion. These examples of suspension of freedom to work or speak their truth, dwarfs any novel coronavirus or public health issue of any kind. To watch this happen in real time should be shocking, unless you're so scared or so brainwashed you're not thinking straight.

As if we weren't divided enough people and more importantly the government has stepped in to vilify anyone who dares oppose something than even the "experts" have said in the past, was totally ineffective. Even the sainted Dr. Fauci, claimed early in the outbreak that masks might make people feel like they're doing something but they don't work. Science that had been researched and followed for twenty years.

So a school nurse who sees firsthand what the harm masks are doing to small children, who have very, very little risk of serious illness, has her livelihood taken away for her opinion. Even you scared mask-wearing, vaccine hungry, "expert" worshiping sheeple should be afraid. Be very afraid of YOUR GOVERNMENT!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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