Its St. Patrick's Day Weekend here at New Jersey 101.5......although with the snow (which is FINALLY melting) it still looks a little like it could be Christmas in New Jersey.

Especially when some homes are still "decorated" in festive Christmas decorations, like the one at the top of the page!

And, its not just snow and the occasional Christmas decorations clashing with St Patrick's Day shamrocks that can lead to some confusion...this happens at other times of the year, too!

For example...

Its "Frosty" for Christmas...with Halloween Pumpkins for sale in the background! What holiday is it? (Craig Allen photo)

Happy Halloween/Merry Christmas, above!

It's St Patrick's Day inside!  Promise! (Craig Allen photo).

Despite the clumps of snow, put on your best green...

Truth in advertising? This shirt earns the manufacturer some "green." (Craig Allen photo).

...and enjoy St. Patrick's Day weekend with us here at New Jersey 101.5 and!