Veterans Day is still a week away, but I began thinking about the sacrifices our armed forces make for us. Even in the best case scenario when a man or woman leaves home to serve their country and returns just fine, the sacrifice is still great. They give up time. Time spend away from their family, missing holidays, missing seeing their children grow, missing their very births.

That's why those videos of surprise reunions of soldiers with their kids always get me choked up. When dad (or mom) sneak home and shock their son or daughter in class or at a school football game, and you can see the months or years of worry and longing finally pour out of the kid. It's a beautiful thing.

Well I kind of stumbled across a variation on that theme. Children aren't the only ones who miss dad or mom. If you love and appreciate all our military does for us and also have a soft spot for dogs, you're going to love this video.

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