Sickening reports coming from Israel as Hamas terrorists sent tens of thousands of Palestinians to the Gaza Security Fence to confront Israeli security forces with violent riots including throwing incendiary devices and rocks at armed soldiers. Israel has a right to defend themselves against terror. Hamas has a history of disruptive violence aimed at killing innocent civilians.

In this latest violent episode done as the world watched the historic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, the terrorist again show their colors and expose their apologists in government and media. According to the military reports, at least 24 of the 58 killed in the riots had known terrorist ties. Perhaps the worst part is the charade perpetrated by many in the international community and the American media making Israel and Hamas moral equivalents. Forgetting the fight over a "two state solution" for a moment, there were children killed at the border. What were children doing being dragged into a violent conflict? How has there not been universal condemnation of the savagery perpetrated by Hamas to use children as human shields? As former Press Secretary to President Bush, Ari Fleischer correctly pointed out, no violence in the West Bank or Jordan.

Only in Hamas led Gaza. Sickening to think that any political movement would sacrifice their own children to make a political point. As far as Hamas, sacrificing their own kids to keep the hatred of Israel alive has been going on long before Trump was elected.

President Trump did the right thing to support Israel moving our Embassy to Jerusalem. Even the Saudi's who have been a strong ally in the war on terror are now standing with President Trump.

As we know, Hamas is a terrorist organization and have to be dealt with accordingly. The choice to use kids as expendable props in a violent conflict is unspeakable savagery. Thankfully President Trump has stood strong, made a decision and done the right thing for the future of our nation and our staunch ally Israel. While predecessors like Bush and Obama pandered and equivocated through the years over making terrorists and Israel moral equivalents, Trump has set the stage for future peace by aggressively choosing sides and delivering on promises.

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