Monday night after her little brothers were put to bed, my 11 year old daughter was feeling excited about Christmas. She only had a few minutes to kill before her own bedtime but she wanted to do a quick challenge with me; who could draw the better Christmas pictures. She said the way it would work is she would call out something Christmassy and we would both have 30 seconds to draw it then compare drawings.

First it was a wrapped present. Next was a Christmas tree.

Then came, "Now draw Santa's face."

Okay, off we went. The seconds ticked away. When she called time, the horror of what I saw on her sketch pad will live with me through all Christmas futures. This certainly wasn't Santa Claus. Behold the drawing my daughter came up with. Clearly, this is a mascot belonging to none other than the Philadelphia Flyers.

Deminski's daughter's rendition of Santa
Jeff Deminski photo

Yep, that's gotta be Gritty! Look at Santa's beard. Look at the creepy, round eyes. This is no Santa I've ever known. Not from this earth I tell ya! Has Gritty the disturbing mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers been moonlighting one night a year? Let's do a side by side comparison and you be the judge.

Left: Gritty (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images), Right: Santa? (Jeff Deminski photo)
Left: Gritty (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images), Right: Santa? (Jeff Deminski photo)

Seriously, if Santa looks just like Gritty and he's seen crawling out of your fireplace you know you're grabbing a weapon. If this is what Santa Claus looks like I'd hate to see the reindeer. The only saving grace here is at 11 years old my daughter no longer believes in Santa Claus so she doesn't think this creature actually exists. I just better not take her to a Flyers game.

It's beGritty to look a lot like Grittmas...

Gritty, having, a wonderful Grittmas time...

Oh Grittmas tree, oh Grittmas tree...

Merry Grittmas one and all!

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