You spend one night with a French model and a pizza and now your fans want to run you out of town. That's the latest saga of Odell Beckham Jr who's having more fun than any 25 year old should be allowed. I say that jokingly. That's what happens when you're a star player for a team that lays in New York. Everybody wants you and I have absolutely no problem with him enjoying it.

People say there were drugs in the room, or that he was holding a blunt which the girl says was pizza crust. I say "so what?" What Odell Beckham Jr does in his private life is his business. If the NFL has a problem with it, they can look into it. They haven't and they probably won't. All I care about as a Giants fan is that he does well when he plays, what he does on his own time is his business.

The bigger issue here is the rumor that Beckham won't take the field without a contract extension. Can't really say I blame him since he's coming off an injury and could risk hurting himself more, thus screwing himself out of a big deal. Last year he played hurt and ended up getting hurt more with no security. What's in it for him? Oh yeah, he's under contract.

The owner, John Mara, is tired of hearing about Beckham. There are Giants fans who want him traded. They say he's a diva and not good in the locker room even though they've never been there before and none of that comes from the players who are in there with him.

There's also discussion that the Giants could trade Beckham. Before you do that, check out check out ESPN's Bill Barnwell's stats on Eli Manning with and without Beckham. With OBJ, Eli has a 63.3 completion percentage with 66 touchdowns and 29 int's, without him, Manning's numbers drop to 60.4 with 14 touchdowns and 14 int's. There is no way the Giants are going to trade Manning's dance partner.

What they will probably do by training camp is get a deal done. The Giants cleared the money by trading away Jason Pierre Paul and there are other moves to be made. Here's one, draft running back Saquon Barkley. Imagine Barkley and Beckham on the same team. It could happen and it could make the Giants offense which struggled to score 20 points the last few years, unstoppable. If they're looking to send Eli out a winner, this is the way to do it.

The Giants are turning the page on five seasons that produced only one playoff appearance and cost two head coaches and one general manager his job. There's no way new general manager, Dave Gettlemen, and head coach, Pat Shurmur, want to deal with any distractions. Gettleman has stood his ground with divas before (see Josh Norman). But Beckham is too good and the Giants need him now. Look for a deal to get done and soon.

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