Police call it a "prank that went terribly, terribly wrong."

Two twenty-something Mensa candidates in South Jersey apparently decided it would somehow be a funny prank to set fire to a friend of theirs who was asleep. Published reports don't explain if it was supposed to be just a shoe that was set on fire, the hood of a sweatshirt, or what. You would assume the prank was for him to wake up in a panic then they would quickly put it out.

Whatever the ridiculous plan was, it did not go as planned. The 27-year-old victim had to be rushed to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City with severe burns. The two who did it have been charged with aggravated arson, aggravated assault and conspiracy​.

I hope the word prank does not come up in court for these gentlemen. A prank should not involve something that could actually kill you. Making you think you lost your cell phone, prank. Making you think you drunk sexted your ex, prank. Putting shaving cream on your hair when you're sleeping, prank.

Setting you on fire while you're sleeping, not a prank.

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