Though it's looking like Miss America will be leaving New Jersey, one former contestant thinks even if she does go, she will be back. Dena Blizzard, Miss New Jersey in 1995, and now star of her own "One Funny Mother" stage show that's sweeping the country as well as the inventor of tells New Jersey 101.5 "It's gonna stay but if it does, it will leave for a little while, then it will come back, it always comes back."

Speaking on the pageant, Blizzard says, "Miss America gotta find its thing, I would like them to be talking more about what these girls understand and what they do and the stories behind them because they are amazing stories".

Blizzard acknowledges Miss America's roots "It started as a beauty pageant but by the time I was in it, they were talking about platforms and community service and that's really what it is."

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