Someone's grandfather sold his beach home in LBI not long ago. So many summers and so many family memories. Any of us who vacation with family anywhere at the Jersey shore can relate to this sweet nostalgic feeling.

Now imagine this family going through the beach tag collection from all of those years spent together and they realize they have every single year but two. They can't find a beach tag from 1976 or from 1993. They are a bit heartbroken because they wanted to put the entire collection together and frame it. Their grandfather could no longer keep the beach home but at least he would have this.

They took to Reddit about it.

Call this out for the long shot that it is, but can anyone help this family out? Any chance you (or share this with someone you know who might) have a Barnegat Light beach tag from 1976 or from 1993 you'd be willing to give up? It would mean a complete collection and be nice closure for a couple of generations of Jersey memories.

If you have one, or both, please get in touch and we can try to make a connection with the family. You can even send a photo of the beach tags easily through our free NJ101.5 app. Or email us or contact us however you please. This would be a nice happy ending not only for this family but for anyone who knows what it likes to share a lifetime of family memories at the Jersey shore!

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