Jimmy Fallon wants you to know that he doesn't like President Trump either. To prove that, the late night host is donating in Donald Trump's name to a non profit that provides legal services to immigrant and refugee families in Texas. Nothing like throwing your name on a national hot button story to get cheap publicity. What's next, "Stupid Trump Tricks?"  Maybe he can go to the facilities and challenge them to a game of "Texas hold' em." See what I did there?...

So why is Fallon doing this? Is it because he sincerely feels for these border crossing people who have been separated from their families? Actually he made the donation after the president called out his manhood on twitter after Fallon told The Hollywood Reporter he regretted running his fingers through Trump's hair on his show which caused him criticism from the other late night hosts as well as many of his viewers.  

Since the presidential election, late night talk shows have become "One Trump Ponies" with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, etc. all relying on so many jokes about the president that many times they overlap each other. Too bad Fallon couldn't have donated in the name of congress whose job it is to figure this out and have yet to come up with a solution. But congress doesn't get you ratings. Sorry Jimmy, I don't think this will either.

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