Where once you were never far from a "Seinfeld" or "King Of Queens" rerun on late night television now you're not that far from a Trump joke. Don't worry, if you miss the one that Jimmy Fallon told, there's always the one coming up on Seth Meyers or Jimmy Kimmel. Stephen Colbert has used Trump bashing to not only get press, but the president's attention. 

On weekends, you've got Saturday Night Live where Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy make almost weekly appearances bashing Trump, and bashing Trump and bashing Trump. Almost to the point of not much else. This is the same Saturday Night Live that avoided making fun of President Obama, to this day. On Sunday's it's 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" to keep the 'Trump-eting" going.

Paul Bond a local comedian who performs all over New Jersey has had enough and posted on facebook:

Hey SNL, Colbert, Kimmel, Meyers and Maher, we get it. You don't like Trump but now you're all coming off lame and your writers need to be a little more imaginative. Your entire monologues and or bits should have other issues as well, oh and be funny. I love a "good" Trump joke as much as the next guy but Jesus Christ, move on already.

So why all the Trump stuff? Are people that upset and are these entertainers that passionate about their dislike of the president?  Maybe so, but there is another factor that plays into it as well and that would be the ratings.

Stephen Colbert's Trump bashing has not only gotten him press but he's consistently beating Jimmy Fallon in the ratings. That's what it's all about.  If the Trump jokes weren't getting ratings, people wouldn't be telling them. but when is enough enough? Is there really nothing else funny in 2017 America?

Another advantage in going after Donald Trump is that you might actually get a response from the president which is what Colbert got in Time magazine. 

Making fun of President Trump is different than any other president throughout history because Trump is also an entertainer who's no stranger to getting television ratings, see Celebrity Apprentice. They tweak him on their shows, he tweaks back on others shows and publications not to mention his social media, and the band or should I say bands play on.

So how much hate is really out there for President Trump? Working on this radio station as well as performing in comedy clubs across New Jersey as well as talking to people, there's not as much as they would make you think. In fact there are a lot of people who actually like him. But then again, it was never about reality, it is and always shall be about ratings.

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