Talk about your male privilege.

Picture yourself at any concert, sporting event, movie, bar, or any large event you've ever been to in your life. They most likely had bathrooms (I hope) at them, right?

Fellas, if you had to go while attending the event you're thinking, how long did you have to wait to get in? Five minutes max?

Ladies, how long did you have to wait? Fifteen minutes minimum? It has to be incredibly annoying to see men come and go out of their restroom so easily while you have to wait in ridiculously long lines.

My girlfriend and I went to the Jonas Brothers concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center last Tuesday (it was incredible, btw) and the lines for the women's room went on for what seemed like miles. The men's room on the other hand had no line at all. Just walk right in and go. Now, that could be because it was a Jonas Brothers concert and the female-to-male ratio appeared to me to be about 70% female to 30% male, but I digress.

The line was so bad that my girlfriend just followed me into the empty men's room. And guess what? No one cared! Not the men that were in there, not the women that were also already in there, and not the security guard who just told her as we walked in to use a specific stall.

It really wasn't a big deal. I overheard boyfriends all throughout the venue that were near the various bathrooms just telling their girlfriends to use the men's room because they, like all of us, saw plenty of women just ditch the long lines for their bathroom to go over to the empty men's room lines. And even the few that DID have lines, moved incredibly fast.

It'll save so many people from awkward situations.

What if you're a parent who has to take your young son or daughter to the bathroom because they're not old enough to go in there by themselves and you feel weird bringing them into a bathroom for the opposite sex or you feel weird going into their bathroom, which is the opposite gender of you? What if there is only one single-family bathroom that already has a long line waiting to go in one by one?

Sounds complicated, right? There's no need for a quick trip to the bathroom to be filled with so many questions.

And if you're transgender and not comfortable using the bathroom of your birth gender? Forget about it. I can't imagine what that struggle is like.

And to those people that are worried about their young daughter being assaulted (God forbid) by a man if bathrooms became unisex, what's stopping that from happening now? If someone is out there looking to prey on kids in the bathroom, that isn't going to change because the sign on the door changes. Odds are heavily in favor of that nothing bad happening in the bathroom if they become unisex.

It's beyond time we just make this easier for everyone and make all bathrooms unisex. It really isn't that big of a deal, in my humble opinion.

If we're being honest here, the biggest loser in this situation is men! We would have to sacrifice the relative ease of going #1 at any given event for the greater good of mankind, and that's okay! If we men have to sacrifice our urinals for more stalls so we can all use the bathroom together in peace at a normal, acceptable pace, it's worth it.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Sam Doyle. Any opinions expressed are Sam's own. You can follow Sam on Twitter or Instagram.

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