I tend to tweet a lot during Giants games. I find it a great place to vent my sarcasm on my team which has been driving me crazy all year. Imagine my surprise when Giants cornerback liked a tweet of mine. The latest episode is watching them play Dallas toe to toe after an emotional week where they fired both head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese and reinserted Eli Manning as quarterback.

The Giants were actually up 10-3 on the Cowboys when Dallas receiver Dez Bryant makes a 50 yard catch and run play for a tying touchdown over Giant cornerback Brandon Dixon who was signed off the practice squad a week ago Tuesday. This made me wonder where number one draft choice Eli Apple was, so I tweeted:

As the game wore on, I kept wondering where Apple was so I tweeted:

and then to my surprise a few minutes later I see "Eli Apple liked your Tweet."

It turns out I wasn't the only one on Apples twitter radar as he celebrated Cowboy running back Rod Smith's 81 yard catch and run. Perhaps if Apple were on the field he could have prevented his former Ohio State team mate from scoring.

So why wasn't the Giants number one draft choice of last year on the field? According to Giants interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo:

How is Apple himself dealing with his inactivity?

Right now the Giants fans are not smiling.

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