One of the biggest elections we've seen in many years is around the corner.

It's not a presidential contest that gets all kinds of national attention, so many think that average people aren't paying attention. I will have to respectfully disagree.

As you know, my wife Jodi and I are barnstorming around the state with several events a day in the lead-up to next Tuesday.

Jodi and Bill Spadea
Jodi and Bill Spadea

I'm hearing from event organizers that similar events in years past would have a handful of people, maybe eight faithful attendees who are engaged in the political process. Today we're seeing that eight turns into 40, 50, 60, and more.

It's exciting to see New Jersyans decide that they've had enough of government overreach, high regulations, and taxes that have crushed small businesses and school curriculums that are not safe for work, but OK for grade-schoolers in the minds of the bureaucrats at the NJEA.

Having a common sense voice in the office at the local level matters. We are a government that operates from the bottom up.

There is tremendous power at the local level and who is serving as your mayor does actually matter. One courageous leader at the local level is my friend Rob Arace who is running to restore fiscal sanity and responsible development and stand up for small businesses and veterans.

Robert Arace (
Robert Arace (

He will hopefully be the next mayor of Manchester, Ocean County.

Rob joined me this week on the air to discuss the race.

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