DOVER — It's a case of local politics at its worst.

A video appears to show the mayor of a Morris County town threaten an alderwoman and volunteer while they cavased a neighborhood for votes on Sunday.

It's the latest skirmish in between Alderman Carolyn Blackman and Mayor James Dodd, who are both Democrats. Dodd created a website called following June's primary, in which three incumbents were voted out of office.  The site attacks Blackman and other Democrats he claimed "lied, cheated and stolen in an attempt to get elected." The political fighting is so bad the Dover Democratic Committee wrote a letter dated Nov.1 to Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal seeking assistance to provide a "neutral presence" at the polls on Election Day and outlined the conflict between Dodd and the Board of Aldermen.

A video posted by the Dover Democratic Committee on its Facebook page is described as showing Blackman and a volunteer named Fercho Barrios in a car talking about being intimidated by someone.

"He wants to intimidate us? Let him think we're intimidated by him," Blackman is heard to say. She asks if "he" is still sitting out there. The car then pulls away and the video jumps an undisclosed period of time.

An angry male voice demands they roll down the window. Blackman tells Barrios to keep going as the voice, identified in a caption on the video as Dodd, again demands: "roll down your window, you p*ssy."

Blackman urges Barrios to take a picture as they drive away. The male voice calls her a "f**king c**t" and continues to demand they open the window.

Blackman says she was going to call the police as the video pauses on Dover community affairs liaison Michelle Espada standing along the side of the road. A caption identifies her as a town employee. The post also identifies Espada as Dodd's girlfriend. The video ends as Blackman and Barrios drive off.

The committee statement said that Dodd followed the pair to a convenience store, where they met a Dover police officer.

In a statement to New Jersey 101.5, Dodd alleged he saw Barrios stealing campaign literature from the mailboxes of Fourth Ward residents and harassing several female volunteers for the write-in campaign of Ron Camacho.

"At that point, I admit that I lost my temper. While I apologize and regret using inappropriate language during the encounter, I do not apologize for defending and standing up for the residents of the Fourth Ward. Despite my opponents’ contention, my words were never directed to Ms. Blackman and were solely directed to Mr. Barrios," Dodd wrote, adding that he wishes he had chosen his words more carefully.

In the statement, Barrios demanded a public apology from Dodd and accused him of having "serious anger management problems." Barrios said he and Blackman were "terrified" of his language and anger.

"It made us feel unsafe in our own town," Barrios said.

Messages for the Democratic Committee and Town Administrator Donald Travisano have not yet been returned.

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