There are numerous reminders across the Great Garden State this long holiday weekend to pay attention on our roads!

Don't do it...its just not worth it! (Craig Allen photo).

"Arrive Alive...Don't Drink and Drive"

"Put It Down...Just Drive" (don't text)

"Click It Or Ticket" name just a few of the roadside signs that have popped up in the last few days.

But, this "wreck" that I saw on one of my walks the other day, really hits home!

A "sobering" reminder: Don't Drink and Drive! (Craig Allen photo).

In fact, the long 4th of July holiday weekend is, traditionally, the deadliest of the year!

The National Safety Council estimated 385 deaths and 53,000 injuries for the festive holiday weekend last year (the most recent estimates that I could find). This includes car crashes, swimming and fireworks accidents.

There were 347 deaths during the Independence Day holiday period in 2014, the most recent numbers I could find.

Experts say that the majority of deaths on and around the 4th of July are from auto accidents...

National Safety Council says that are 37 percent more highway fatalities on July 4th, than any other July day.

No words can express... (Craig Allen photo).

Between 2008 and 2012, "Insurance Institute For Highway Safety" figures show an average of 127 deaths from crashes each year, on July 4th (only).

New Year's Day follows with 122 car crash deaths, on average.

July 5th also ranks up there, with 110 car crash deaths, on average!

The Insurance Institute further shows that the 4th of July Holiday Weekend has long been the deadliest multi-day stretch: From 1986 to 2002, July 4th deaths (of all kinds) totaled 2,743.

The day with the second highest death toll in those years--2,543--was July 3rd!

Need I quote more "sobering" statistics to get my point across?

An Insurance Institute spokesman points out that the 4th of July holiday puts more cars on the roads...and it is riskier driving...with people going to family barbecues and fireworks...that can involve lots of drinking.

Alcohol is a factor in 41% of deaths on July 4th...

Sobering, indeed.

"Big Brother" is watching... (Craig Allen photo).