It’s one thing when people get angry at a company when it does something controversial. It’s another entirely when people get angry at a company because someone else does something controversial.

Jersey Mike’s, the amazing sandwich chain with such great food, had a lot of blowback on social media over something they had nothing to do with. When people heard they were pandering to the flavor of the month by changing the name of the BLT (bacon lettuce and tomato) to BLM (bacon lettuce band ‘mato) to show support for Black Lives Matter people went bonkers.

Only problem is it wasn’t true.

Yassir Lester is a comic who was trying to spoof corporate reaction across the country to the heightened racial sensitivity in the aftermath of the George Floyd case. It was all a joke but many people were angry at Jersey Mike’s when in reality they knew none of this was going on.

Lester’s reaction to all this? "How bad off are we that we thought a corporation would rename a sandwich, offensively, as a Statement of solidarity.”

Read more about this internet kerfuffle on And if you want a taste of Yassir Lester here’s a clip of his stand up:

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