Cape May County prosecutors are investigating an incident on Pacific Avenue in Wildwood in which a police officer appears to be repeatedly punching a man in a viral video. According to witnesses what started inside Romeo’s Famous Pizza spilled out into the street. The video shows several police officers restraining a man on the ground while another officer appears to be striking him with fists. According to Dan Alexander's story on Joseph Kirk of Blackwood took this video of the incident.

Kirk’s friend Ryan Wells spoke to CBS Philly saying, “When I got there, I saw them grab him and throw him to the ground and they kept saying stop resisting, stuff like that. Then he started pounding his face honestly. It was just totally unnecessary of them punching him like that. It’s like five cops, one dude.”

But was it unnecessary? Does this video show police brutality in Wildwood?

My answer is I don’t know.

The video does not show what came before. It does not show why he was being questioned. It does not show what police may claim was resisting or for how long. If all I have to go on is this short video and nothing more, that’s not nearly enough to convince me this wasn’t necessary. A suspect can have a weapon. A weapon can take a life in a split second. If a suspect is resisting (and I have no idea in this case) the longer the resistance goes on the more of a chance a suspect has to go for a possible weapon.

Just because certain aspects of police work are hard to look at doesn’t make every incident an act of wrongdoing. Let’s wait on more video and a thorough investigation before condemning another cop.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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