If local governments follow through on calls from some progressive activists to defund police, who Jim Gearhart wonders, will get the money instead?

That's the question Jim poses on the latest weekly Jim Gearhart podcast and Facebook Live show.

Many of the groups pushing to defund police in the wake of the death of unarmed black man George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer have nothing to do with civil rights, Jim says. Instead, he argues, they just see a financial opportunity.

“In California the teachers union is putting on a full-court hard press to get money that is saved. And their argument is that if you take this money that is to save on police (and) give it to education, it will go towards pay raises for teachers and that will solve all of our problems,” Jim said of a proposal by the union United Teachers Los Angeles.

Jim said the defunding has already started in Oakland, California where the Department of Transportation’s Racial Equity Team has taken on traffic control duties. Philadelphia officials have also shifted money originally slated for police in this year's budget to other services, including a separate department that will handle crossing guard and other public safety duties.

“I’m assuming what we’re going to have here is a corp of amateur cop wannabes out there controlling traffic. What an idiotic idea that is,” Jim said.

Podcast partner Bob Williams wondered what happens if a crime is committed and an arrest is needed.

‘Some of these ambulance-chasing lawyer firms that are going to represent these defendants are going to have a field day,” Bob said.

According to a KGO TV report Berkeley, California is considering a similar shift. Community organizer Darrell Owens told KGO TV that the new department could benefit from a defunding of police.

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