The late Steve Fredericks, a sports talk legend in Philadelphia, once told me that when an athlete gives a reporter his cell phone number, he has that reporter in his pocket. A former hockey player and broadcaster told me some players would play the reporters by cuddling up to them to get positive stories and also avoid negative ones. Since sports began, athletes have been using people for jobs, sex, and in Brandon Jacobs' case, a free ride.

Brandon Jacobs

It was Brandon Jacobs who allegedly asked the New Jersey State Troopers for the escort that resulted “Death Race 2012”.

Jacobs' ‘free ride” has resulted in a major shake up of the New Jersey State Police and while the former New York Giant running back is preparing for a fresh start in San Francisco, the State Troopers are left holding the bag.


Though this story may be one of the few times we hear Brandon Jacobs and speed used in the same sentence. I’m reminded of his quote in October after the Giants beat the Dolphin’s for their second straight win “I’ve got nothing positive to say” Jacobs said, “The most positive thing I’ve got my family home and a fat ass car being delivered on Tuesday, That’s it”

Better he should drive that car west on RT 80 instead of south on the parkway.

There’s something about “celebrity” that makes the people around them do crazy things.  The celebrities know this and use it to their advantage. Do you know of anyone who has gone out of their way for a celebrity only to have it blow up in their face?

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