There was a carjacking in my town just a few days ago. It wasn't in one of the carjacking capital of the country, Newark.

No, it was in semi-rural, suburban Medford in Burlington County.

It's rare but it's becoming more common in suburban New Jersey and people are getting scared.

The Medford police do a great job but they can't be everywhere all the time.

The State Police Red Lion barracks is only a couple of miles down the road.

Even that didn't stop these animals.

Maybe if we were able to defend ourselves by legally carrying a firearm, this would come to a quick stop if these creeps know that even anyone they now see as a potential victim could be packing heat.

If just one of these scumbags got a belly full of lead, you'd see this nonsense come to a quick halt.

That was somebody's mom who got ripped out of her car while waiting to put air in her tires at a Wawa.

Lots of moms carry firearms in Texas and plenty of states all over the country, even here in the Northeast.

But New Jersey legislators are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening here in the Garden State.

The Supreme Court ruling that struck down prohibitive gun-carry laws in states like New York and New Jersey has given a glimmer of hope that we might finally be able to defend and protect ourselves.

A bill looking to all but eliminate that possibility will be heard this Thursday in Trenton.

The bill would:

  • Ban carry in common public places by labeling them as “sensitive places”. This Includes parks, beaches, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, arenas, and many other common public places
  • Ban carry inside one’s own car.
  • Ban carry at public gatherings
  • Ban carry on all private property automatically, unless the property owner specifically posts notices specifically allowing it
  • Significantly increase fees for purchaser credentials and carry permits, discriminating against low-income citizens
  • Mandate liability insurance (which may not even be available) as a precondition to exercising carry rights

If you don't think this mayhem and violence is coming to your neighborhood, you're dead wrong. It even happened to King Murphy's neighborhood.

If it can happen there with a State Police presence nearby, it can happen everywhere.

Here's how you can find your representative to let them know how you feel about being able to protect yourself and your family in this crazy state.

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