As I've been saying over the years, here at, my camera is always with me...

It's been a few years since this was the daily camera. (Craig Allen photo archives).

...on my travels across the Great Garden State.

I've been storing "Jersey Views" for awhile, so...

"Classic Wheels!" The AM/FM radio plays cassettes! (Craig Allen photo).

...let's 'hit the road!'

The "classics" never go out of style! (Craig Allen photo).

Hello! Like this vehicle's owner/operator in Flemington, I'd wait for a warm day to follow the dusty instructions!

"BAAH!" (Craig Allen photo).

Wherever you are across our beloved home state...

Advice stuck on a light pole in Hillsborough. (Craig Allen photo).

...greet your fellow New Jerseyans with a...

Just do it! (Craig Allen photo).

Let your...

"Greetings from Asbury Park" Boardwalk! (Craig Allen photo).

...happiness flag fly!

Smile, and enjoy...

The "cookie monster" wants this! (Craig Allen photo).


A stack of "Joe to Go!" (Craig Allen photo).

...too much coffee!  Studies show that we love our coffee in New Jersey!

As I stop in at the mega mart...

You know that I LOVE vinyl. (Craig Allen photo).

...I spy a slice of Jersey on high quality vinyl!

At the library, I wonder:

Something is missing... (Craig Allen photo).

Did the recycling bin...go to recycling?

As I continue to "cruise"...

Naturally. (Craig Allen photo).

I can't just walk by these Jersey words of wisdom (?) on a bridge...

Naturally, spring and summer are coming! (Craig Allen photo).

..and I digitally capture some Jersey nature:

Bambi's dad...hanging out in my backyard. (Craig Allen photo).

Above, nature that we (probably) see too much of in the Garden State.


The "Craigmobile." Bambi scampered off into the "woods." (Craig Allen photo).

...what happens when Jersey nature meets one of man's greatest inventions. Forcibly.

Then, there's the...

Which movie was this Bat car a part of? (Craig Allen photo).

..."Batmobile." I saw this one in Princeton.

And, when I saw this warning sign 'down the road a piece':

Uh-Oh! I think I left my permit in another jacket! (Craig Allen photo).

I suddenly knew that our journey into photo randomness was about to take a...

SPLASH! (Craig Allen photo).

...right into a puddle, of course.

Til out next "DETOUR," New Jersey!