It's fair to ask: What does the rest of the neighborhood do when "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" wage a "Friendly Christmas Lights Competition?"

As you will see...

3,000 lights on FedEx Pat's roof, alone. (Craig Allen photo).

...many neighbors...step up!

"Cornershow Bob" lights up the night sky. (Craig Allen photo).

Take a late night stroll with me, and...ENJOY!

Craig Allen's neighborhood on display. (Craig Allen photos).

Another fair question: What do you do when Cornershow Bob is your next door neighbor?

One strand of light(s) is good. (Craig Allen photo).

Light up an evergreen! PERFECT (and amusing).

My neighbors are most...JOLLY!

"Grinchy Clause" and his dog, Max. (Craig Allen photo).

No Grinch here!