It was 12 years ago this past February 19th when Mt. Laurel resident Danielle Imbo and her boyfriend Richard Petrone vanished into thin air.

Judi and I covered the story right when it happened and even spoke to several of the family members. At the time, we all pleaded for any information with the hope that someone would come forward and some bit of information would come out that would lead law enforcement to find the couple.

They both come from very close, loving families and the anguish they've endured in the last dozen years in unimaginable. Several levels of law enforcement including the FBI continue to work on this baffling case.

Danielle and Richard left a bar on South Street in Philadelphia on that cold February night around 11:45pm never to be seen again. Not a trace, not even Richard's 2001 Dodge pick-up. No money was taken from their bank accounts. Nothing. No leads. They just vanished without a trace over 12 years ago.

My heart bleeds for these families who wake up every day not know what happened to their loved ones. I usually don't like to watch TV shows about real life tragedies but since this one was so close, I decided to give it a look.

The most recent episode of the show Disappeared on Investigation Discovery focuses on this case. It premiered this past Sunday, and it was hard to watch without getting emotional.

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