We have "Law & Order," "Law & Order: SVU" and now comes "Law & Order: Chicken Town."

The owner of the Chicken Town in Brick, in an move to show his support for the police, changed the look of the shirts he and his employees wear to display the thin blue line flag on the back of them.

According to George Thomas's post in the "Growin' Up in Brick, NJ (60's 70's 80's and 90's)" Facebook group, Floyd, the restaurant owner, has always happily supported the police and made the uniform switch to show that support. Thomas said in the post that he has known Floyd for a long time and that he is a "good man."

I love this win-win! It's also great show of support for police at a time when positive press about law enforcement is hard to find. It's also a great way to get positive press for Chicken Town in Brick.

Not everyone thought it was such a nice gesture, though. Thomas says in his post that Floyd told him one customer canceled their order because of these shirts. Floyd didn't back down, though. Quite the contrary in fact.

"He said he doesn’t want business from people who do not believe in law and order and or who do not support Law Enforcement Officers," Thomas said in the post.

As well he shouldn't!

Floyd, his chicken and his shirts have gotten lots of support on social media. Check out some of these comments from the Facebook post showing their support.

  • Roberta Staples Cartwright: "Good for him - to bad for the ex customer."
  • Joan Sorrentino Krakovsky: "Love Chicken Town for about 30 years and Floyd and his staff are good people and I support the blue!!! #boxerlovetoo."
  • Eric Haugh: "Great guy and great food!"
  • Irene Rumpf-Angelo: "Looks like I’ll be ordering out one night this week."
  • Jayne Wildes: "Kudos Floyd best chicken and love for his Community and the support of the men and women in blue."
  • Jennifer Catney: "Floyd is the sweetest man around!!! And they have the most amazing wings, never have I had better! Matter of fact maybe I’ll surprise my son and get some chicken town for dinner."
  • Mike Wren: "Best chicken in town, will double my order next time I’m in. And that’s not just because I’m working on the Covid 75. Forget 15."
  • Warren Wolf: "Thank you Floyd for backing our police! They are the Best PD in our State!
    Looking forward to stopping by to get dome delicious chicken."
  • Dave Spencer: "Dam right brother, thanks for the support and I will be there Friday for some great wings!"
  • Steven Holmes: "Never had food from there but I will definitely order from them now."
  • Walter Ritchie: "Absolutely LOVE the new shirts. I don’t live in Brick but I will make a special trip there from Manasquan this Wednesday to buy lunch there."

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