What a story we heard from John Regina today about his 24 year saga of over-paying JCP&L.

The Bedminster man told me today that he had been overcharged for more than two decades paying the bill for the family of four people next door. They presumably were paying this bill. JCP&L for their part, essentially admitted they made a colossal error, agreeing to credit him the past six years of over-payment. Although it totals more than $6,000, it doesn't come close to the $30,000 plus he says he's owed. The company, according to John, is hiding behind a state law requiring utility companies to only keep records for six years.

My take away here? Check every bill. Make sure it's accurate. Don't let the big guys take advantage of you.

A few years ago, the State of New Jersey over billed me $26.13 on my taxes. I fought them. I know it's only twenty-six bucks. But it was my money. And you know this, when you're working hard to survive in the increasingly expensive Garden State, you gotta fight for every dollar. So I did. A dozen letters and phone calls over the course of an entire year...I got them to acknowledge the mistake. Yes, it cost me more in postage and time than the $26.13 was worth, but you can't put a price on protecting your money from the bullies who would take it from you without a thought.

I did ask John if he had an attorney. He said he spoke to one already. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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