It's a simple question from someone who is diggin' in and doing everything possible to get our state back on the right track.

Here's the truth: one election is not a magic wand. One election is not going to make everything right. One election is not going to lower your taxes nor make your daily grind more affordable. But this is a journey that we're on to fix New Jersey and throw out the rotten bums currently running our state into the ground.

From reckless #FakeCop Gurbir Grewal who, as the state's attorney general, has implemented policies that have endangered the lives of cops and citizens, to Gov. Phil Murphy, who literally said if tax rates are your issue, then we're probably not the state for you.

One election can't fix everything. But just as one vote matters, one election also matters.

Tuesday is an opportunity to show that you are willing to step up and say no to ridiculous tax breaks for profit retirement homes looking to cash in on veterans. Tuesday is an opportunity for you to let some of the tax raising, morally bankrupt members of the General Assembly know that you've had enough.

We have a long way to go for sure. One election won't make NJ affordable again, but as the long journey begins, we should keep in mind the ancient Chinese proverb...

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