Pretty simple rules to live by. For years I've been saying publicly and privately that without law enforcement there can be no liberty or prosperity. The foundation of our society comes from the fact that we have brave men and women willing to sacrifice for the rest of us to keep our communities safe.

My friend and fellow former Marine, Pete Stilianessis, who is the capable and successful President of the NJ State Troopers NCO Association, joined me on the morning show to discuss the success on this past Tuesday of political leaders who stand with law enforcement.

One interesting part of the conversation that stuck in my head at least was when we disagreed on the veterans tax deduction ballot question. Pete was mad about the nearly three hundred thousand New Jerseyan's who voted 'NO'. His point was you always look out for our vets. Of course I agree with that principle, but explained that I was also a 'NO' voter because the initiative won't help vets and only serves to further enrich connected insiders, typical Trenton political moves.

I hope you listen to the conversation and take away what I took away: when two men disagree on a particular detail, but both have the same interest in mind, the conversation is respectful and informative. We need more of that in Trenton.

I believe that the 'YES' voters were misinformed and wrong on the issue and we need to do real things to help our brave veterans. That said, both me and Pete stand strong together for those who serve. Cops, community and country are common goals that should be the slogan for anyone looking for your vote.

Never balance budgets on the backs of cops. Never cut our vets short and sell them out for a talking point when real help is needed to address homelessness, PTSD, combat related illnesses, substance abuse, hunger and a variety of other issues that plague our heroes. We need to hold politicians accountable and make sure that they don't take the votes of first responders, especially cops, for granted.

Thankfully, with leaders like Pete Stilianessis heading up important organizations like the NJ State Troopers NCO Association, our brave cops get the respect they deserve.

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