New Jersey State Trooper Miguel Hildago will be a designated special player for the Sussex County Miners baseball team on Thursday, August 3 when the team takes on the New Jersey Jackals.

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Prior to the independent professional league match up, members of the New Jersey State Police will take on members of the PA state police in the "Battle of the Badges."

The match up will happen at 4 pm prior to the 7 pm first pitch for the Miners and Jackals.

The troopers are playing a game to raise money for two important charitable causes. The first is a young girl who is disabled in need of a new wheelchair that will cost $10,000.

The second is for the state trooper still fighting for his life after two troopers were gunned down outside of the barracks in Pike County, Pennsylvania, in June.

One trooper was killed in the ambush.

The event will be fun for the entire family. Great baseball, police horses, helicopter and bagpipes all rounding out an outstanding event for two important causes.

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