It cannot be said often enough. New Jersey State Troopers are heroes. They get up every day and bear the burden of responsibility to protect and serve our communities. They never know what is around the corner, what danger, what test to their skills, training and temperament. Sadly, many in the media still jump at the chance to share bad news and make our finest look bad. Well as you know that propaganda has no place on my show.

For the past six years I have spent every Friday morning honoring a member of New Jersey Law Enforcement. State Police, local cops, detectives, prosecutors, sheriff departments and corrections officers have all held a place of honor.

Today's honoree is New Jersey State Trooper John Taggart. Taggart was called to a medical emergency at the Monmouth rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. A man had collapsed in the restroom and Taggart discovered him unconscious and not breathing. Staying calm, cool and collected, Trooper Taggart delivered life saving CPR and brought the man back. The victim is reportedly in stable condition.

Thanks to the actions of Trooper John Taggart, a tragedy was avoided and another Jersey guy will be able to enjoy family and friends, hopefully long into the future.

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