For this week's #BlueFriday, we're honoring one of our courageous New Jersey state troopers, Capt. Chris Nunziato.

Chris's wife Mary reached out to me to honor her husband on this big occasion. Mary's love and respect for her husband and father of their two kids, Christopher and Mia, jumped off the page of her note.

I met Chris at an event in Princeton where I spoke alongside my friend Joe Piscopo to a group of homicide detectives from around the nation.

Chris is a shining example of the professionalism and tireless work ethic of our brave state troopers. Chris clearly brought his A-game to the job every day.

Chris Nunziato - Retired NJ State Troopers
Chris Nunziato - Retired NJ State Troopers

As many will agree, you can certainly be judged by the people around you. Given the job Chris had to do every day, there is no doubt that occasionally the stress and ugliness of police work were brought home and entered the after-shift conversation. My guess is some of those conversations were not pleasant. But through it all, Chris retires with a wife and family who love and respect him. So much so that Mary Nunziato not only reached out to me to recognize her hero husband but she signed the note "proud wife."

Thank you for your service to our state and your community, captain. Enjoy retirement with the knowledge that you served others at the highest level of your ability.

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