According to a recent poll, almost half of New Jersey residents are ready to get out. Some of the highest 'exit plan' numbers were among 18-29-year-olds. I don't have to tell you that it's a huge problem for all of us who love New Jersey and are Diggin' In. It's clear that the cost of living, the slow growth in the economy, high taxes and over-regulation on business are driving good people who were born and raised in the Garden State to leave in droves.

As the people leave, so does income, tax revenue and local sending to boost our economy. Seems that more and more people are giving up instead of fighting back. Even in the gubernatorial contest which Murphy won in 2017, about three and a half million eligible voters didn't vote. That number was closer to five million during the most recent legislative elections. Both sides of the political aisle seem to be coming to an agreement that we have to prioritize spending, stop corruption and cut the waste and overlap out of government.

Regina Egea from Garden State Initiative joined me on the show to discuss the crisis facing New Jersey as people plan their exit. She pointed out the overlap in service with things as basic as plowing the roads.

Of course we all know that the governor didn't want to be embarrassed like he was last year when the state roads essentially shut down, causing gridlock throughout a well-foretasted winter storm. Now he's got plows out and brine trucks when it's 44 degrees and raining. It's not only overkill, it's expensive, wasting millions of your dollars, it's bad for the environment and with hundreds of accidents throughout the state during Monday's storm, clearly not working.

That's just one example of the waste and mismanagement going on in state government. Billions of dollars are wasted lining the pockets of special interest bureaucrats and shadow government insiders like George Norcross. The people that foot the bill? Me and you. All of us getting up every day to do our job and provide for our families. I'm sick of it. I know you are too.

But the answer is not to leave. The answer is to stand and fight. I don't know if Murphy's money and the corrupt insiders on both sides of the aisle will go down in 2021. I do know that we need to build on the success of 2019 where the nearly defunct GOP opposition actually gained seats in the Assembly. If we can gain additional seats in the Assembly and Senate in 2021 then we are on the right path.

If we can defeat Murphy, it's even better, but only with a Governor committed to actually fighting the special interests currently protected by working class fraud Senate President Steve Sweeney and his overlord George Norcross.

Time to sack the Democrats in the leadership who do nothing but raise our taxes and drive out our neighbors. It's time to sack Republicans who are more interested in their own careers and press releases than fighting for you. Any Republican who still defends their vote for the Christie gas tax does not deserve your vote.

We can fix this state, but only with courageous leaders who are willing to risk their positions and power in order to deliver real solutions. Who speaks for New Jersey?

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