Spiking debt, higher taxes and an economic lockdown that has entered day 163 (remember the 15 days to stop the spread that started on March 16?) has many people looking to other states to earn a living and raise a family.

I asked the question during my New Jersey 101.5 morning show broadcast on Tuesday and not surprisingly, the folks that called to say they were staying in the Garden State were doing so because they have to. Cops, firefighters and EMTs all putting in their time and working toward that long awaited retirement with a full pension. Can you blame them? No way.

Good on all the first-responders. Many should be paid more. As I have said for years, the pension program for first-responders should have always been separate from the other public worker pensions.

What is sad about the state of affairs currently is the people that are staying by and large have to stay. Many people who have a choice, are looking to get the hell out. What about you? Is it time to dig in with me? Or are you planning the exit?

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