Time should be up for morally bankrupt, agenda driven Gurbir Grewal who has put politics over protecting our communities.

The so-called “top cop” in Jersey is really a #FakeCop. Only a #FakeCop would order LEOs to obstruct the lawful actions of federal agencies. Only a #FakeCop would justify the release of an accused child rapist. Only a #FakeCop would threaten to take over elected Sheriff’s Departments in order to enact his personal political agenda. Only a #FakeCop would use the release of violent criminals in order to place blame on the very agency asking for the perps to be held.

Time to fire Grewal and hire an AG focused on public safety and not personal politics. Every cop knows that cooperation with the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies is in the interest of public safety. Conflict among LEOs puts their lives and safety at risk.

One big takeaway from 9/11 was the need for separate Law Enforcement groups to work together. Now we have an AG undoing that and jeopardizing public safety. We have an AG so focused on politics that he’s becoming increasingly angry at the LEOs telling him they will continue to cooperate with ICE, in the name of public safety.

His veiled threat to take over local departments is dangerous and unsettling for cops who just want to continue to do their job on behalf of the rest of us.

You can help the courageous members of Law Enforcement push back on Grewal. Call his office (609) 292-4925

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