The incredibly popular video game Call of Duty has paid homage to a classic New Jersey Mall. In an update, Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War features a mall that is supposed to rep Twin Pines Mall from the movie ‘Back to the Future’, but really it’s the Cherry Hill Mall. According to, the L-shaped layout of the mall in the game approximates the real life mall that is said to be the first indoor, climate-controlled mall east of the Mississippi. It’s been around since October of 1961.

If the shape isn’t evidence enough that the game maker was trying to reference our famous Jersey mall, this ought to settle it. In the game, the latitude and longitude coordinates were given as 39°56'28.3"N 75°01'38.3"W. That puts it precisely over our own Cherry Hill Mall.

Social media took note.

So be proud, Cherry Hill.

When this mall opened it was the largest in the entire country according to Wikipedia. Fun fact: the town where it sits used to be called Delaware Township. The mall was such a big deal that a year after it opened the town changed its name to Cherry Hill. It was innovative at that time featuring tropical plants and fountains, exotic birds, a movie theater and even a small children’s amusement park on the property.

You want to feel really old (if you even remember this)? One of the anchor stores was Bamberger’s.

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