Sometimes it's easy to forget that our favorite sports athletes are regular human beings that actually live among us!

We're all still riding a victory high after that stunning Game 5 win of the NCLS that clinched the Phillies' spot at the World Series.

So imagine everyone's shock at this Trader Joe's in Cherry Hill when they saw Phillies MVP Bryce Harper grocery shopping with his son! Just like us! Who knew?

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According to Fox 29Marissa Boutilier saw Bryce shopping with his son, like any regular person. After she said to her boyfriend "Is that Bryce Harper??", she couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask for a picture, and he graciously obliged! Check it out:

Apparently, the Trader Joe's employees recognized him, too but kept their cool to let him shop in peace. Which I'm betting took an enormous amount of willpower. Check out the full story from Fox 29 below.

Right now Bryce Harper seems more like a larger-than-life demi-god to us, but hey. Demi-gods need groceries too!

But still! What are the chances you bump into the most-loved man in Philly at Trader Joe's? I'm so jealous! This is the same Trader's Joe's I shop at.

What I find particularly fascinating about this picture is the fact that he's almost unrecognizable without his Phillies uniform. Especially wearing his beanie hat! If I HAD seen him, I wouldn't even have had any idea. Do you agree?

Go Phillies!


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