I have always liked Bruce Springsteen’s music but loved his lyrics. I’ve jokingly called Bruce “the poet laureate of a blue collar generation.”

But even I was surprised to read his quotes on skinny dipping in the Asbury Park Press. He was doing his broadcast yesterday on Sirius XM’s E Street Radio channel when he started waxing poetic about his love of skinny-dipping.

Here are some highlights.

“God, I love swimming at night. It is all darkness and mystery. It is the void and it must be done naked. Clothes at the waterline, please. Do this, and my pilgrim, you will become cleansed.”

Can’t I just take a shower to be cleansed? I know I know he’s talking about your soul, I get it. If that wasn’t poetic enough he had more.

“Never will the evening air, or a kiss on the beach, or a dry towel, ever feel so good again. The walk to the car will be filled with starlit grace and you will never forget it.”

I skinny-dipped in a private pool once. Does this count? I guess not, because I don’t remember feeling this way. Is part of skinny dipping the element of danger of being caught? I suppose I did it all wrong.

Okay one more.

“Once you hit the water, you will be covered in the blossoming beauty of your youth no matter how old you are and whoever you're with, you will always remember them.”

Uh, just how many people has Bruce been naked in the ocean with?

All this poetry makes me wonder just how many people have gone skinny-dipping. And why is it called skinny-dipping? Would swimming nude have been confusing somehow? Clearly I have a lot of Googling to do. In the meantime, take our poll.

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