As a lifelong Giants fan, I found former head coach Ben McAdoo's comments on the team from which he was fired and still collects a paycheck quite interesting. I'm not sure if he's jinxing his former team or trying for a career in sports talk radio. Maybe he could be the next Tiki Barber, or better yet, Michael Strahan.

First off, McAdoo tells us the Giants made the moves that he wanted to make. Of course, last year the only move he made was changing his hair style. The offense was predictable as Odell Beckham Jr stated, then again McAdoo admitted failing the Giants wide receiver.

Next, he predicts the Giants to win their division. Maybe that's because he's still cashing Giants checks. I don't know of many people who root for the team that fired them to do well with the new guy. It also doesn't help your team to stoke the fire of the reigning Super Bowl champs who play in your division by accusing them of not being able to handle the pressure. We all remember how McAdoo handled the pressure as the team was crumbling around him. It was such handling that caused him to be the first head coach fired by the Giants in mid season since Bill Arnsparger in 1976.

McAdoo also spoke of tackle Ereck Flowers whom he says can't bend. This was the same Ereck Flowers that he steadfastly refused to bench last year while Eli was getting killed while attempting to pass. Maybe it was McAdoo who should have bent last year. Perhaps if he had, he'd still be there this year.

Last but not least, I found it funny that he's good with Eli Manning at quarterback. I seem to remember him not only benching Eli while totally healthy, but backup quarterback Geno Smith claiming McAdoo told him that HE should be starting the rest of the season.

It's going to be interesting to see what becomes of McAdoo after this year. His Giants money will be gone and if the 2017 memories are still strong, getting a head coaching job won't be easy. Perhaps he could try stand up comedy.

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