As soon as I saw someone had compiled a list of 50 ‘Baby Boomer’ names that have fallen out of style, I immediately wondered if Jeff was on it. Although I am right on that line between Gen Xer and Boomer and have much more in common with Generation X.

Still, Jeff is not exactly popular anymore. Babies being born today are rarely named Jeffrey whereas in the 1960s it was a top 10 name. In 1966 we were number 9. We were the Noahs and the Liams of today. Now?

Last year Jeffrey landed at 452 in popularity.

You get my point. It’s one of those names where when I’m an old man people will know it just by hearing the first name said. Like Edgar, or Chester.

Now the list below is by no means definitive. There are plenty of other older names that have fallen from favor. But it covers some good ground.

Such as Myrtle. Its most popular year was 1947. But by 2021 records could find fewer than 5 girls born that year given that name. Just imagine being one of them in 2036 in high school.

Or the name Chuck. Its most popular year was 1961 but by 2021 it was ranked 12,390th in popularity. And if you’re wearing Converse don’t laugh. Those used to be known as Chuck Taylors.

So, is your name somewhere on this old man/old lady name list? Turns out mine was not.

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