July is National Blueberry Month and New Jersey continues to be at the top of its game for the crop.

New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher says of the spring weather variations in Jersey — cool, then hot, then rainy: "People were nervous earlier. Right now, we are getting great production."

In 2017, New Jersey blueberry growers produced 44.3 million pounds of blueberries worth almost $84 million.

"Until you get the harvest, you are never exactly sure," Fisher says. And right now, Fisher says, "we are in that sweet spot of a window where we are right in high production and there is the greatest demand."

Blueberries were the state's top crop last year.

"We go up and down the coast, and we go as far as into Canada. And we also ship points west, as far as Chicago. We are really a national and international shipper of blueberries. We grow 10,000 acres of blueberries in the state. That's a lot of blues."

Fisher visited Macrie Brothers Blueberry Farm in Hammonton on Thursday to highlight the crop.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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