Remember the recent utter nonsense of Perth Amboy cops being investigated for confiscating some bicycles from some teenagers? Well the story isn’t over yet. A group of older bikers organized a ride in support of the imbecile teens who were causing problems on Perth Amboy streets. Those teens were riding in huge packs across entire roadways, into oncoming traffic, popping wheelies and ‘swerving.’ Swerving is a dangerous game of chicken where a kid will go head to head with a car whose driver never agreed to this game. At the very last split second the bike, hopefully, swerves and misses the oncoming car by mere inches.

This is what these kids were doing on the streets of Perth Amboy. This is why they were talked to by police. That first encounter was a polite and respectful warning by cops which sadly didn’t get much media play. The second encounter minutes later where the jerks ignored the warnings and bikes were confiscated is what got all the attention.

The cops did nothing wrong here. But you wouldn’t know it from the ride Monday night organized by Urban Bikerz. One member said the event was to support the young teens who wanted to ride without being arrested. One cyclist, Wills Kinsley, affixed a sign reading “WHEELIES ARE NOT A CRIME” to his bike. So did others, according to Another member, Alturrick Kenney, questioned whether white girls would have been treated the same as the boys of color.

Look, let’s cut the crap shall we? The teens were a problem to the town that day doing dangerous stunts that could have killed somebody. They were a danger to themselves and others and were initially given a break by police who were then disrespected by these jerks who immediately ignored the warning. Again, as I wrote before, THEY were the problem, not the police. To have this bike rally in support of creeps like this shows a lack of intelligence. And guess what? This ride that started in Warinaco Park and culminated outside Perth Amboy City Hall was kept safe by guess who?

The police.

Law enforcement gave them an escort every step of the way even blocking intersections to vehicular traffic for the protestors’ safety. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about all this then nothing will.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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