Social media went into a tizzy the other day. Went apoplectic with outrage at police in Perth Amboy for confiscating some bicycles from sweet innocent teenagers. That's what the narrative would have you believe.

The video which was seen over 2 million times on Twitter shows a blue bicycle being confiscated by police and also shows a kid in an orange hoodie being arrested. There's talk of the bikes not being registered in Perth Amboy, and the kid being led away in handcuffs is heard saying, "What the f**k? We live way in Edison. We live way in Edison. What the f**k are you f**kers doing?"

Instead of watching that video, how about invest the time and watch THIS video, all 17 minutes of it. Just be warned, it contains graphic NSFW language.

The police interaction shown in the shorter viral video does not account for the fact this same group of teens had already been peacefully warned about the way they had been riding in the streets and were politely let go with a warning and a respectful request by police to be more careful. But that doesn't fuel outrage and make videos go viral, does it?

And the thing is, watch some key points in this video. At one point a teen talking to another speaks of how they have been reckless in the past but they were just "chillin'."

Only they weren't.

They're constantly seen riding in a pack across the entire road including the wrong side of the street. At one point several are seen circling dangerously around several moving vehicles. At other points they're seen riding into oncoming traffic and swerving away from the oncoming cars at only the last possible second.

What they were doing was dangerous, ignorant and illegal. When the police tried the first time to stop them, they appeared to know the cops wanted to speak to them and they took off through a park to get away. And again, once the first interaction with the cops did happen, the police were polite, respectful and gracious and gave only a warning.

A warning which was entirely ignored.

The person who posted this video on YouTube included the words "This video speaks for itself, all I really have to say is that cops abuse their power..."

He's right about one thing. This video speaks for itself alright. And these kids absolutely deserve to have their bikes taken and, in a perfect world, not returned.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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