My very funny and talented uncle, Pete Meahan, who I grew up with in the Bronx and who later lived in Fair Haven, NJ sent me this great recipe. Uncle Pete is an actor, artist, very good cook, and an all-around fun guy! When we were growing up I would “inadvertently” eat his Hostess cup cakes and we developed a bond as strong as two brothers.

The stories that I could tell about our antics would fill this web page and you with laughter that would make you cry. He and his beautiful wife, Nina, are two of my favorite people and it’s just plain fun to hang out with them.

Uncle Pete worked for Pan Am back in the day and used to travel all over the world. He got this recipe from an old colleague in Rome, Massimo Marini. It’s so simple and I love it. Uncle Pete has made it for me many dozens of times and I’ve made it dozens of times.

I’m thrilled that he is sharing it with you. I love you, Uncle Pete!


5 cans whole tomatoes seeded (as best you can) squished by hand
2 medium white onions diced
¼ lb. lean bacon or Canadian bacon diced
¼ cup of olive oil
salt and Pepper
1 cup of Parmesan cheese
1 lb of pasta

How to put it together:

Heat up a sauce pot with olive oil. Add the bacon first and cook until half done then add the onions. Cook until the onions are golden and then add the tomatoes.

Keep the heat on med/high stirring frequently until the sauce thickens (about an hour). Add salt for added flavor.

Cook your pasta al dente’. Add some sauce and toss with some Parmesan cheese and serve. Delicious!

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