It's ironic, following the passing of James Gandolfini, that the Writers Guild of America has named "The Sopranos" as the best written TV show of all time. 

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Getty Images Entertainment

This past Wednesday evening we learned the shocking news of the death of New Jersey native James Gandolfini who played the lead role in "The Sopranos."

It takes fine acting to bring a well written show or movie to life. As we've learned during the past several days, Mr. Gandolfini was not only a great actor, but more importantly, a great human being as well.

Here is the top 10 list of the best written TV shows of all time, according to the Writers Guild of America.

1.  The Sopranos

2.  Seinfeld

3.  The Twilight Zone

4.  All In The Family

5.  M*A*S*H

6.  The Mary Tyler Moore Show

7.  Mad Men (the only current show on the list)

8.  Cheers

9.  The Wire

10.  The West Wing

Please leave a comment about your favorite drama or comedy series.

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