Right on the heels of the original program that started it all, "American Horror Stories" has returned for season 3. And this season is a huge deal for fans in New Jersey.

The series premiered its latest season on October 26, 2023, and was released as part of streaming giant Hulu's Huluween Event. All four episodes of the season have been released for streaming.

Earlier in the year, we let you know of the possibility that FX might've been filming in New Jersey. Now that season 3 has been released, all that speculation has been confirmed.

Now for those who might be confused, "American Horror Story" is different from "American Horror Stories." Although both series feature grueling tales with twists and turns, the latter is more of a short story.

And that's the main difference. The "story" is told across a number of episodes, whereas the "stories" are usually told across just one episode.

So while "American Horror Story" takes a mid-season break, "American Horror Stories" has returned just in time for Halloween. And as mentioned above, it's a huge deal for New Jersey.

In the very first episode, subtitled "Bestie," a major scene was shot right here in The Garden State. In fact, the location selected for these scenes played a significant role in the overall storytelling of that episode.

It's really cool to see it all unfold on TV. Here's a quick peek of clips from that episode, as well as a look at the historic place chosen that's located along The Jersey Shore.

LOOK! Historic NJ site featured in "American Horror Stories" season 3 premiere

A very popular and historic Jersey Shore location was featured in the premiere episode of the FX hit series

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