There's no better payback to a prank than a "Revenge Prank" and there's no better revenge prank than "Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny" which airs Thursday night 9:30 PM on MTV.

Each episode of "Revenge Prank" will pair DJ Pauly D or Vinny with a target of a viral internet prank who is seeking payback on a friend, family member or loved one who originally embarrassed them. With help from the duo, the pairs will attempt to pull off some of the most over-the-top pranks yet in order to get the ultimate revenge. The show was cast and shot right before the pandemic hit, so there are no masks or social distancing going on.

Damian Muziani, who's from West Deptford, is a recurring talent on the show and he came on my show Wednesday night to talk about it. Check it out here or up above.

Here is what he told me about the show via email earlier:

"I auditioned for a role and the producers liked me so much they immediately cast me in a different prank first, which was shot in Atlanta. I flew down to Georgia on 24 hours notice. Then when I got back to Jersey, they cast me in another role which is the one you’ll see on Thursday, July 2nd at 9:30PM."

Of course, Muziani can't give away anything:

"I can’t reveal too much about specifics involving the prank, other than I play a Russian gangster and there are threats and violence and yelling and grand theft auto. There is also a pig, but I can only say that because the title of the episode is literally “The prank with a pig”. I can also say that the pig was very hungry, and not thrilled about being in The Poconos in the winter."

It's one thing to prank, but "revenge prank" takes pranking to a whole new level because as we all know, paybacks are a b**ch:

"The key to revenge pranking and pranking in general. There are two mindsets at work here, and unfortunately the more popular one I am not really a fan of. Take your typical ding-dong-ditch story, very cliché, the homeowner opens their door and a bag on the porch is on fire, they stomp it out, and it was filled with poop. Yes, that is a prank, and that is Bart Simpson you hear giggling from behind a tree in the front yard, but there’s no accomplishment there. You fooled somebody for two seconds, so what? The skill to a great prank is keeping the target in the game for as long as possible. And that is where acting skills come into play. Because every action and reaction that you create is a little victory in and of itself."

Muziani experienced that joy a long time ago:

"Maybe 20 years ago I had a phone number that was very common and I would get wrong number calls all day long. People looking for a photographer, debt collectors, surveyors, etc., and I would practice my skill by answering the phone in different characterizations and pretending to be whomever the caller was looking for. It’s an art I refer to as the “Reverse Prank Call."

Muziani will be appearing in a second episode of Revenge Prank later this summer (date not released yet) as well as co-starring with Ebony Obsidian (Sistas, If Beale Street Could Talk) in a short film and also a TV pilot that is beginning its festival run.

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