What a night in Asbury Park!

Saturday was another huge "Sinatra Meets the Sopranos" event. Michael Martoccis' incredible voice carrying through the iconic Paramount Theater right on the boardwalk. Not a bad seat in the packed house. Perfect weather, huge crowd, great stars.

Of course our friends from the Sopranos never disappoint. They gave the crowd more than they bargained for with an incredible conversation about the legendary show and behind the scenes stories that most have never heard before.

The staff and crew at the Paramount are some of the best professionals we've ever worked with accommodating last minute changes with the confidence and skill of true professionals.

Also had a great conversation with Giants Super Bowl Champion Ottis Anderson back stage. What a class act.

Photo: Bill Spadea
Photo: Bill Spadea

Even Matthew Bon Jovi stopped by to support the show. Gotta say, what a great family. Had a nice chat with him about his nephew Jesse who we had on the show in the past. It was a real pleasure to have him back stage.

As far as the show, huge success and you don't have to worry if you missed it! Next show coming up is this weekend Saturday, August 10th at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City! Do not miss it!

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