Steve is still recovering from his bout with a chest infection, so here’s what coming up tonight on the “early” edition of the Late Show…with me, Ray Rossi just a guy with a microphone, a transmitter; and an internet connection.

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Leading off each hour will be these:

7) Unreasonable neighbor stories….and in particular this one. Do you think this Scotch Plains homeowner…who lives next to a ball field, has the right to bitch and moan over foul balls that go into his yard? This one man is being accused of attacking baseball player over foul ball that went into his yard.

Poll is up at as to whether you think the neighbor is being unreasonable, or do you think the school should have made more of an accommodation.

8) The Point Pleasant Beach Brouhaha continues…bars ordered to close at midnight beginning in July…good thing or bad…good for the neighbors, bad for the bars…could also be bad for the neighbors once their taxes go up if no one goes to the bars.

9) Rossi Posse Poll is up right now at – Dopey lawsuit time? The Walmart corporation is being sued for an incident that happened in the Turnersville store by a shopper who claims he suffered emotional distress from a rogue PA announcement telling all black people to get out of the store.

10) Will you be Bamboozling or Electric Daisying this weeked? Bamboozle take place in Asbury starting Friday, and there’s also a competing festival at MetLife Stadium called the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Ancillary topics:

Is the double standard alive and well when it comes to male sexual abuse victims of female teachers than we do with female victims of male teachers. Are the boys just as injured as the girls would be…or do you feel it’s a badge of honor for the boys?

Would you go to a restaurant that had a sign warning you to make your kids behave or they’ll throw you out?

Have you ever known anyone to come up smelling like a rose after a major debacle? This has to do with the near meltdown at JPMorgan Chase where after losing 2 billion dollars…CEO Jamie Dimon won a shareholder endorsement of his pay package Tuesday and kept his title of chairman of the board, five days after disclosing a $2 billion trading loss at the bank.

Would you ever eat anything you fish out of a river or out of the ocean off our coast? Locally caught fish have some advisories about what to eat depending on where you caught it!

By the way, anytime you want to remain anonymous, just use the code name “shmehgegeee!”

See you at 7!