Regardless of your politics, the Trump administration was not good for the New York Giants. They came off an 11-5 year in 2016 with a playoff appearance when "The Donald" defeated Hillary Clinton. Then in 2017, Trump's first year, they go 3-13, followed by 5-11, 4-12 last year, and 1-7 leading up to the election.

Since the election, the Giants are 2-0 with division wins against both the Washington Football Team and Philadelphia Eagles, the latter being a team they have not beaten since 2016. If this keeps up they may go back to the blue, numbered color rush uniforms full-time. All kidding aside and regardless of who actually emerges the winner of this presidential election, the New York Football Giants are not the same horrific team that started the season. They may very well be the best team in their division right now, regardless of their 3-7 record.

For weeks, the Giants have been beating themselves. They could have upset Philadelphia the first time they played them on Thursday night, only to lose when Even Engram dropped a sure first-down pass that would have given the Giants the ball for the rest of the game and the victory. Then on Monday Night Football, the G-Men could have upset Tampa Bay had it not been for two Daniel Jones interceptions, but that was the old Daniel Jones. who so far this season has had 34 turnovers over the last two seasons. He has not had one in the last two games.

Last week in the victory over Washington, not only did Jones not have a turnover but he sustained a bone-jarring hit from Washington safety Kamren Curl, who blew past Giants tackle Andrew Thomas and hit Jones with all he had. In other games, like Dallas, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Jones coughed up the football. Not this time. The Giants went on to win the game 23-20. This past Sunday they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27-17. Next up after this week's bye, the Cincinnati Bengals, which could raise their record to 4-7 and keep them alive for a playoff berth in the awful NFC East.

Who knows what will happen from here. It was just a few short weeks ago that people were calling for General Manager Dave Gettleman to be fired, questioning if Daniel Jones actually is the right guy to "make the Giants great again." John Mara before the season said he wants to see the Giants heading in the right direction. I for one love what I'm seeing out of this team, and I think by the time the seasons over, so will he.

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